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Our specialty and focus is investment management. We directly manage the investment portfolios of our own clients, and we provide our investment expertise to other advisors in order to help them more effectively manage their clients' assets.


Aspera Direct
We directly manage investment portfolios for individuals, families, trusts, and endowments. We structure and actively manage our client portfolios in a manner that is consistent with their objectives and risk tolerance. The portfolios we design and manage are uniquely tailored to the needs of each client, each is separately managed, and we have full discretion over trading in all accounts. See the Investment Management section for more details.

We do not provide comprehensive financial planning services. We have found that few clients truly need what many advisors bill as comprehensive planning. We do, however, perform a comprehensive retirement assessment when appropriate. Additionally, we help our clients with specific financial planning-related issues as they arise.


Aspera Institutional
We work with other advisors and financial planners to help them more effectively and more efficiently manage their client portfolios. Typically, this entails providing model portfolios on a real-time basis for various portfolio objectives.

Investment management is extremely time consuming. By providing our expertise, we enable advisors to focus on other areas of their practice. Advisors interested in this service are welcome to contact us for further details.